It’s been a terrible day on all levels and I finished it off by watching “Blue is the Warmest Color”, and I bawled towards the end.

Anybody seen this film? I’d like your thoughts on it.

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Early Sunday Morning

I open my eyes and it’s still dark. I would love to just reach under your peejays as you sleep and feel for your beginning hardness and coax it awake lazily. I would like to drift back to sleep and be awoken by you wanting me to finish what I have started.

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muse and toy


oh my muse
the heat and hunger you spur
in me
the thought of you
the want for you
the image of you
races my heart
and starts a hard throb
in my flesh for you
and when you start to play
without me
do you imagine me
there with you
for you
as i do
your eyes close
your hips press lifting up
hungry to…

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