Mmmm-hmmmm! You smell like the Virgin Mary.

A friend of mine after I sprayed on some cologne

Someone needs to explain this photo

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This week has been sort of a whirlwind for me as I gear to officially announce The Women We Are gallery show!!!!

In just a few months, after eight months of shooting, 40 of my images, documenting eight beautiful women will be exhibited in a solo show here in Lansing, Michigan.

The images I have been sharing in the least few months are all outtakes of my shoots for the show.

The final 40 images will be available in book form and for view at the show only. Book purchase info will be posted in a month or so.

This week will also mark my 1,000th follower after only 10 months.

To celebrate, I will give an 8x10 print of image above (minus the show info) to a randomly selected blogger who reblogs this post!!!

I will notify the lucky person this Saturday, August 2nd!!

Thank you for all of your support!!!!

This will be amazing.

I am considering hand drawing my own smut. I have a tombow playcolor set lying around and I haven’t drawn much in a long time.

If you have requests just message them in.


Latch (feat. Sam Smith) - Disclosure